Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Adventures to Urgent Care

So a lot of people have been asking me what happened to Ellie earlier this week, so I'll take a few minutes and expain them to you. So this last Tuesday I took Ellie to the park to play. She was throughly enjoying herself playing underneath the swings when a mom and her two kids (a 5 year old, and a 7 month old) came to the park. The little girl came up to the swing where Ellie was playing underneath and decided to grab the swing and push it towards Ellie. Well Ellie being interested at the situation stood up right when the swing got cocked back and hit her right inbetween the eyes. She hit the ground faster then I could grab her, and she immediately let out this shrieking cry. When I got to her and picked her up, the brige on her nose had already turned black and blue, and had begun swelling up. I quickly got her home, because I was afraid that her nose was broken. I turned to my EMT husband while he was at work to asking what to do. He told me to get her in as soon as possible.
(this was taken 10 min after it happened) So we took her in, all looked well. They told us to bring her back if she started acting strange, throwing up, the usual checklist. So the next day she started to look better, the swelling was starting to go down she was doin great. Then the day after that, she threw up early in the morning, twice before her nap, and on the way back down to Urgent Care. After the doctor saw her, she got diagnosed with a virul flu. Poor kid has had a heck of a week. Yesterday she started perking up again, being able to keep food down, same as today. But she's still incredibly cranky and irritable. (I'm sure she's still sore from being knocked in the face, plus the residual flu crap in her body) So we hope she'll be able to get back up on her feet soon!


So! I realized it's been a few months since I wrote in my blog. Just thought I'd update on some things that have happened to us in the last few months. First and foremost! We got a car!! It's not super nice, and it has some stuff that needs to be worked on but Sean and I find it one of the biggest blessings we've gotten this year! It shakes, rattles, and rolls sometimes but it get's Sean to work, and it gives me the ability to be a Mobile Mommy!! We love it!
The other big thing that has happened was Sean got hired as an EMT at Pridemark/Rural Metro Ambulance Company. Right now he is on a General Transport rig, but hopes to get on an EMS rig ASAP! He loves his job! I am so proud of him in how hard he's working for our family :D
I am so thankful for all that God has blessed our family with! I am so grateful to have such a loving and devoted Husband who takes care of me and our little Ellie! He is such an amazing father to her!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

21 years and counting...

Crazy. I know. I am now officially 21. I feel a lot older then my actual age lol. But I had a very good birthday. Sean got me some awesome stuff, a long with the rest of my family (both sides :)). But then the fun all ended as the kidney stone pain got worse on Saturday and Sunday. My mom finally took me to the hospital on Monday so we had an idea of how many stones I had and where they were at in my system. So we found out I have two 2.5 Milimeter size stones. One in my right and one in my left (wooo....). Spent all day yesterday on the couch sicker then a dog, today's been better although the kidney pain hasn't ended yet. Sucky, but I live on.

One thing I wanted to talk about is the Tattoo I had recently gotten done. I understand the religious stand point my family (again on both sides) are coming from. But I got it for a very specific reason, and it's a reason that I felt strong enough to share and permanently put on my body.

The two doves represent Sean and I. Doves also represent love, purity, hope (also the theme of our wedding) and Sean and I share all of those with each other. The two branches shaped into a heart shows the commitment and the work we have to make a good healthy marriage. The Sun represents every day is a new day. Although we have problems one day, the sun still rises the next day and its a day to start over. The date is the day we decided to share our lives together.

I know it is hard for some of you and you don't like that I got it. I understand. There are no hard feelings on my end. Just because you don't agree with what I did doesn't mean that I will shun or kick you out of my life, it's not how I do things. I love everyone who is in my life- you guys are here for a reason. So I hope this doesn't fudge the relationships I hold with you. If it does, then okay, I will understand.

Anyways, this weekend (although the kidney pain definitely put a damper on a few things) I also got to go see my CherBear. Even though I'm not able to take care of him the way I used to be, it was like old times with him. We didn't skip a beat. He is a wonderful horse. He helped me get through the death of my horse R.D. and really helped me stick it out with Westernaires. And really, I'm forever grateful to him. I would have regreted quiting for sure. Anyways, the cool part was I was able to bring Ellie along with me to meet him. And she had an absolute ball! She was so comfortable around him. She sat up on him with me while we rode around the arena. He is the best! He was so gentle when Ellie was on.

she got right up there with me and grabbed the reigns herself and was ready to go! I also got to spend the day with my family! It was a good weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

15 Month Molars are brutal

Today was Ellie's 15 month check up! We're happy to announce that Ellie is right on track! She is starting to not like going to the doctor already :( heaven knows that child has so many doctors appointments, plus two ER visits already. I know it could be worse but I still feel bad. Especially after she had her blood drawn last time we were there. She did not like the doctor even taking a look at her. But we were had confirmation that Ellie's molars are coming in, and it seems like the tops and bottoms are coming in at the same time. I dunno how normal that is, but her doctor was definitely surprised at finding that out. And then she said something that made my heart drop, "Okay the nurse will be in in a minute to administer Ellie her shots". I know this isn't bad, but it seriously just kills me. It always brings me back to the first time she had to get shots. I cried in the office that day because of how hard Ellie was crying... my poor baby :(

So after getting home and feeding her lunch, Ellie and I came down stairs and turned on Tangled for her. She loves this movie. I could tell that she was feelin pretty miserable because she just snuggled with me on the couch for the majority of the movie. Usually she doesn't want to have anything to do with you and she literally bounces off every wall in our house from how much energy she has. I felt sad for her because she didn't feel good, but it was also nice just being able to hold her again, it's been a really long time since she last let me just hold her. It helped me remember how sweet she really is through her awful temper tantrums shes been throwing lately. :)

After her nap the rest of the day was mostly spent coloring in the coloring books she just got. She loves just going through her crayon box looking at all the colors by pulling them out and putting them back in. We we're listening to these silly songs that I found off a website, she was trying to figure out how to dance and draw at the same time. lol There's just something about music that makes her want to move in whatever way she can. She's already pretty good about finding the beat and moving with it. She's an incredible kid for sure :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Perfect moments

Being a mom has taught me so many things. Things that I wouldn't have ever thought at (almost) 21 I would know. Especially since Ellie was a big surprise to Sean and I. The biggest thing that I've learned thus far is how short life is, and how every moment really is so precious. Life constantly is throwing you curve balls left and right, that's nothing new. In my life atleast. It's all about how you handle each blow. I'm not going to lie, I let most things affect me. I guess you can say I am a super sensitive person. I'm always the first person to accept you for who you are, and that usually comes with the first to get mistreated or dumped on. Ususally I'm okay with that, I understand people and how they need to unload sometimes. This is something that I've been working on. Being a mom doesn't leave much "dumping" room for anyone outside your immediate family. And I'm sure the room will get smaller or cease to exist with the addition of more kids. So I do try as best I can to be there for the people who need me. Sometimes I have to step back to keep my own sanity in check.

I thought for the most part that I was doing a pretty good job at listening and then making sure I don't spew all my frustrations out on anyone else. I've come to learn that my problems are my own, and I need to deal with them myself. And then (of course) something big that you haven't been used to in a long time comes flying around the corner and throws you sideways against the wall. Life is great like that, isn't it? Just when your starting to get a handle on things that just eat you alive on the inside, and then of course something else has to get thrown on top of it.

And then there are moments that you capture with your child/children that just melt every problem away. Those precious moments that make you stop and smile. I love those. Those crystalizing moments where everything just comes so into focus, everything else stands in a blur.

I had this moment with my sweet little girl today, where it was just me and her and we were singing some little silly tune. And Ellie all of a sudden stops, and just looks up into my eyes and smiles. She is mine. She is ours. Sean and I created this absolutely beautiful little girl. The best surprise we have ever received. It brought happy tears to my eyes as I just looked at her, because I am so grateful to be her mom. And I'm so grateful for having Sean as her dad and as my husband. He really has stepped it up, and is turning into a wonderful man.

She has even taught me more things about life, and about myself then any other person. I've made a lot of mistakes this far in her little life, but this has been the most incredible learning experiance for me. And although she's still to young to fully understand when I make a mistake, she still loves me no matter what.

Being Ellie's mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will never regret making the decision to raise her. It's been made very apparent to me that Ellie was meant to be born when she was, and be grow up in the family that she is in. She has an amazing purpose here on earth. I am truely already proud to be her mother. And that will never change.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Hi Kitty!"

Just wanted to share a quick video of Ellie! She is just the cutest!

A day with the Haskett's

These last couple days have been the best! My brother and sister in law drove down to Colorado for an open house my parents threw for them. It turned out wonderful! Yesterday, my sweet husband was kind enough to let me go with my family on their all day adventure down in Colorado Springs. We started off going to see the Air Force Base. I know this sounds silly, but I have this huge fear of air planes. Every size of air plane. I will not go near any plane that's on the ground. So we get there and my dad always wants to stop at the B-52 plane that is supported on concrete cinderblocks on display. Well I walked up towards the back of the plane, and for some reason the size of the Tail of the plane freaked me out so bad. I just got these flashes of the tail falling off and crushing people or the whole plane fell off the cinder blocks. I know, my family thinks I'm crazy too. Anyways we continue up to see the chapel. I love going up there and seeing the chapel. It is so beautiful and peaceful there.

Then we drive over to Garden of the Gods. It was ruined by the rudest man I've ever met. He was driving atleast 25 MPH in this really small parking lot. And I was crossing the parking lot, my sister was behind me. And this guy just comes flying up to Kaylee and I we had to hurry across just to avoid getting hit. I leaned over and said "My goodness, could we drive any faster through this parking lot" and the guy somehow heard me. I thought it was odd, because I didn't really say it that loud. I found out his windows were down. Anyway he slams on his breaks and leaned over and shouted, "Hey fatty, could you eat another doughnut?". Yes now that I think about it, it was the most childish comment I've ever heard coming out of a 40 year old man's mouth. I almost turned around and said, "Wow good for you! You can physically point out other peoples faults! That's an amazing trait you have! You must be so proud." But I remember promising Sean not to get in people's faces. So I just kept walking and tried to ignore his stupid comment. But I'm not going to lie, it really hurt. Yes I have let myself go just a little bit, but I had a baby, I gave into the "newly wed weight gain", and I haven't figured out a good schedule yet to fit myself in. I was really glad I brought sunglasses cause it hid the tears that escaped my fingers. I felt bad cause kaylee had to hear that too. So we continued through Garden of the Gods. The whole time I wish I had a jacket or something so no one else had to look at me. And then it starts to rain. Hard. We hurry as fast as we can through the last part of the trail. By the time we reached the cars my clothes were wet and sticking to me. Fantastic. Thank goodness it was cold enough for me to keep my jacket on for the rest of the night.

The night finished up with a baseball game. The Sky Fox's, Colorado's triple A division team. It actually was alot of fun! Although it started down pouring, and then the wind started. It was really cold.

We didn't get home until about 1 this morning, but other then the putz in the parking lot, it turned out to be a pretty good day.