Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Adventures to Urgent Care

So a lot of people have been asking me what happened to Ellie earlier this week, so I'll take a few minutes and expain them to you. So this last Tuesday I took Ellie to the park to play. She was throughly enjoying herself playing underneath the swings when a mom and her two kids (a 5 year old, and a 7 month old) came to the park. The little girl came up to the swing where Ellie was playing underneath and decided to grab the swing and push it towards Ellie. Well Ellie being interested at the situation stood up right when the swing got cocked back and hit her right inbetween the eyes. She hit the ground faster then I could grab her, and she immediately let out this shrieking cry. When I got to her and picked her up, the brige on her nose had already turned black and blue, and had begun swelling up. I quickly got her home, because I was afraid that her nose was broken. I turned to my EMT husband while he was at work to asking what to do. He told me to get her in as soon as possible.
(this was taken 10 min after it happened) So we took her in, all looked well. They told us to bring her back if she started acting strange, throwing up, the usual checklist. So the next day she started to look better, the swelling was starting to go down she was doin great. Then the day after that, she threw up early in the morning, twice before her nap, and on the way back down to Urgent Care. After the doctor saw her, she got diagnosed with a virul flu. Poor kid has had a heck of a week. Yesterday she started perking up again, being able to keep food down, same as today. But she's still incredibly cranky and irritable. (I'm sure she's still sore from being knocked in the face, plus the residual flu crap in her body) So we hope she'll be able to get back up on her feet soon!

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